“…as an actor the most important thing you have to do is observe…you are a mirror through which the society will see itself…”

Yes, we know him as Archie Moroka in the television series Generations. You have also seen him in The Queen and Rockville, however, it is in theatre that he has made his name and brought honour to South African theatre in the days when our plays and performers were still enjoying considerable attention in London and off-broadway. Sello is a towering figure in South Africa’s theatre story.

He was Mufasa in the West End production of Lion King, he played opposite Anthony Sher in Titus Andronicus at London’s National Theatre, he directed Woza Albert! for London, he was in the films Dry White Season directed by Euzhan Palcy and Bopha directed by Morgan Freeman. Impressive stuff but by his own choice he turned down the next play offered him in London, the chance to play Caliban in The Tempest in favour of coming home and just being a dad to his boys.
However, there are no regrets and no time wasted; there is much he has done at home that leaves him proud. Working with immense talents like Janet Suzman, Barney Simon, James Ngcobo and Bobby Heaney. And then too, turning to write his own plays and focus on the problems of men and boys in South Africa – their role, their self-esteem, their responsibilities to woman.

He is just getting started.