“…theatre is a team sport…”

Peter Terry spent a large portion of his career working for PACT, an organisation so vast, so efficient and effective that, as part of our theatre history, requires a closer look. He gives us that, articulately and accurately.

He worked in practically every department of PACT. He learnt the business of theatre in a company that, by the fact that the Performing Art Councils were the first of their kind, was like none other in the world.

Their schools-education-programmes travelled to every small dorp nationwide. Through the medium of theatre, from set books to Shakespeare, children were exposed and challenged to understand the words in their books.

From set designing and lighting, to cobblers, wig makers, costume designers, ballet, opera, musicals – all these theatre crafts were embraced by these councils. And then more – The Potpourri Festivals encouraged local writing.

Apart from telling about his own acting career and forays into script writing, Peter Terry gives an insight into a world, into an era long gone by.