Peter Cazelet has the fresh enthusiasm of a boy… he is in his eighties!

His youthful zeal disguises the breathtaking scope of his talent and the extent to which he has applied it. He is an architect by training but that was fill-in time while he waited to do what truly thrilled him; ballet. With minimal training he pounded the boards at the back of the corps, ever determined, climbing his way to being principal dancer for the Scottish Ballet, one of the four major ballet companies in Great Britain.

But a reckless instructor thrust a foot into his spine putting his back out, ending his career… that career. He had another waiting in the wings. In no time at all he was soon to be hailed as one of Britain’s top set and costume designers. With this accolade he returned to South Africa and gave his exceptional vision to our theatre stages; opera, ballet and drama.

He has established a network of contacts across the world and his designs have since been used in America, Europe and the Far East.

He is also a cartoonist and his cartoon sketches were, for many years, used in Dance and Dancers magazine.

Peter Cazalet is the sort of person that makes us sit back and gasp in wonder at the talent that has graced our land.

“…but the Americans brought an injection of verve… strength in the work, no holds barred… so I started painting and drawing [designing] like that…”