“…Some of the most tragic moments in my plays have engendered the greatest laughs…”

Imagine a boy under a tree in a schoolyard at breaktime surrounded by children enthralled by a story he is telling, a wild imaginative tale barrelling out. That boy again in high school enthusiastically recording commentary at a school sports event; Imagine that boy going to varsity to become a sports commentator and only there discovering the world of theatre. It was not until he met Barney Simon years later that he began formulating plays and writing them down, and then he never stopped Going on to become one of South Africa’s great playwrights.

The only other writer as prolific as Paul is Athol Fugard. Both have used the stage to bring awareness to racism, hate, anger and the human condition in South Africa’s bizarre political journey.

He blazed onto the stage in his first play Saturday Night at the Palace shocking his audiences both here and abroad with his gritty dialogue, the raw speech and bitter laughter from the mouths of the people.

With his beloved friend Bill Flynn as his leading man he has also created side-splitting comedy which has drawn crowds, opened stadiums, created bonds.

A critic has said, Paul brings to the stage so much energy he could light a small shopping mall. To see Paul on stage is electrifying. He brings to this interview the same electricity and any aspiring playwright has much to learn from his enthusiasm and focused drive.