“…I’ve always felt lucky…I have a lucky life…actors are generous, it’s a beautiful industry to be in…”

He is over 80 and started before he was 20. That is one long career. It has been a fun career, a rollicking, joyous career; a happy life, loved by his family, his friends, his audiences, his fans.

As a kid he had a few music lessons and never stopped from then on. His first band was The Vikings in the 50s, and then in the 60s he and Eddie Eckstein formed THE BATS. Their 1966 single Listen to My Heart became a hit on Radio London. The following year, while visiting London, Paul played with the band The Equals whose 1967 song Baby Come Back became a hit on Top of the Pops.

And that is just the tip of his career as a performer. As an actor he had just as much fun. Hear him speak about his lead role as Barnum to understand his energy, his buoyancy and unparalleled enthusiasm; his gratitude for a life that seems to have sought him out and pushed him along as if to show how life can be lived. How young you can stay having a good, humble, and thankful heart.