“…we need places for people to create and to fail…you’re not going to be able to create and always be great and popular and money making…”

As an actress Mitzi has performed in innumerable plays and has now made a life for herself with words. She has written plays, adapted, and translated others, and is now a headline writer on soaps like Binnelanders.

She developed a close working relation with theatre geniuses like Chris Pretorius, Tjaart Potgieter and Raimond Schoop; it is however her marriage to Dieter Reible that is compelling.

Encouraged by Pieter Fourie, Reible was brought to South Africa in 1970. He launched himself on our stages with a bloody Titus Andronicus – translated into Afrikaans by the highly revered Breyten Breytenbach. It was nothing our elite Afrikaans Intelligencia expected. People fainted, vomited, walked out. For the next twenty years his productions would play to capacity. With an endless, electrifying imagination he never disappointed.

Mitzi had the enviable opportunity to observe the man at home and at work, the music he played for inspiration, pushing paper cut-outs around the living-room floor to position actors. His left his stamp on audiences, actors, and student directors. He has been entered into the story of our theatre history.

She shares with us the story of her life in theatre, as an actress, as a writer of plays and soapies, and gives interesting observations of where theatre is today.