“…that experience that one shares with a live audience is incredibly special…”

There can be no theatre goer or radio listener who does not know Michael Richard or can recognise his voice. Unmistakably resonant; undeniably present in its force and authority. He walks on stage, speaks; the audience sits up. His diction perfect, the meaning clear.

Prof. Robert Mohr at UCT recognised his voice quality and talent and helped set his acting path. He has scarcely been without work since. Starting in the early days of PACT, through the prime years of SA theatre in the 80s and 90s, he tells his story with wry humour.

No actor’s journey is ever easy, and yet work has flowed steadily his way for nearly five decades, becoming a master of comedy, farce, musicals, pantomime, dramatic roles and a great number of lead Shakespearean characters that has taken him on tours to America, Britain and Romania.

He is proudly the head of an acting family, wife Louise Saint-Claire, son Jeremy and daughter Sarah, all actors, all good in a very demanding career.