“…the body has the ability to overcome linguistic boundaries…with so many language groups in South Africa, it felt really important to make theatre that didn’t exclude people…”

Jennie Reznik is married to Mark Fleishman. A hand in glove marriage. Whose hand in whose glove is for you to decide. For instance, Mark gave up a career at the world-renowned Market Theatre for Jennie to go be a clown in the circus. Go figure!

Two extra-ordinary talents. Mark, a creative, an administrator, a visionary, a fighter- for-rights, an entrepreneur. Jennie, a dynamic actress of jaw-dropping performance energy, ability, versatility, creativity. A clown yes, but a clown that mesmerises. Who leaves you laughing, leaves you weeping. Leaves you inspired.
Theirs is a marriage of excellence. The by-product of this marriage, apart from children, is Magnet Theatre.

Having studied drama at UCT she enrolled at the École internationale de théâtre Jacques Lecoq in Paris to learn his methods in physical theatre, movement, and mime. It transformed her and in turn she returned home to transform the students, the performers, musicians, the souls of the communities, black, brown, and white, Xhosa, Kaaps, English, who feed off the unexpected, nourished by the life-altering, the inspired theatrical productions of Magnet Theatre.
The country needs more Jennie Rezneks and Magnet Theatre is creating them.