“…you think an agent is in control…but they’re really not…they’re working for others…”

Advice given to a budding performer. “Get yourself an agent!”
Amongst established actors you hear, “Ask your agent if it’s right for you”, “Can’t your agent find you a part”, “What does your agent say….”
Do agents therefore run an actor’s life?
Very often they do. And if they’re a good agent, they manage much more: A hand up, a supportive crutch, a security blanket, comforting reassurances, and the “go kill it!”

What then is the role of an agent?

Janet du Plessis leaves you with little doubt. Having climbed the rungs, from childhood performances, through varsity, finding her first role, learning from skilled comedy actors like Rex Garner to spreading her wings and adapting from stage to film and television. She has indeed been through it all. And having a sympathetic personality, helps. She understands the dread of the audition process, the insecurities of rejection, the demands of directors, as well as all the administrative palaver and fuss over contracts, fees, payments. She walks comfortably in the shoes of some legends: Moonyeenn Lee, Penny Charteris, Lorrainne Jaffitt, Sybil Sands.

For actors setting off on The Yellow Brick Road, agents are good signposts. Janet du Plessis is one of the best of them.