“…artists are valuable…they see and can reflect…[theatre] it can heal as well…”

Jacqui Singer is one of those ‘fortunates’ who was schooled in drama at Cape Town University in that legendary era marked by Rosalie van der Gucht, Robert Mohr, Mavis Taylor and Tessa Marwick.  Their impact spawned a generation of exceptional actors. While still a student Jacqui was spotted by the theatre photographer Brian Astbury who had in mind to start his own theatre which he would in time name The Space. Determined not to be part of the Government’s all white Performing Arts Councils she became a founding member of The Space… great talent, right time right place!  When Pieter Dirk Uys’s grand costume piece The Rise and Fall of the First Empress Bonaparte was mounted at the State theatre, it was Jacqui who was cast as the Creole Empress. Typically, she found herself in great roles. When she wanted to learn to direct, she apprenticed herself to Dieter Reible. And when she decided to teach acting, she returned to her alma mater which had been such a powerful launch pad to a brilliant career. When the great elocution teacher Joan Little moved to Australia, she passed her baton to Jacqui by handing her all her teaching books.

She has steered her career well, a brilliant career as actress and director. She is now handing her own baton on to students, by teaching – first at Wits, then at UCT and now at LAMTA and AFDA. Her passion and belief in the entertainment value and healing power of theatre is rock solid and cannot be swayed.