“…if you give up your dream, you die…its true…you always have to have a dream…”

Elsabe Zietzman sweeps you along with her enthusiasm, her energy, her love of performance and her big, big, personality. She takes you on a journey telling of her incredible life. Told in three parts, it is a journey well worth taking as she offers much clarity into the rise of Afrikaans cabaret; how Afrikaans singers changed people’s minds and attitudes and influenced a generation, brought them from a narrow perspective into the light. She and others were called ‘Alternate Afrikaners’, they created suspicion, but in spite of that, they turned heads and defiantly reshaped the Afrikaner world.
Let her tell you about the four children she fostered, feel her pride at their achievements.
Learn how and why she became a chef and runs a restaurant in her home that affords her to keep performing.

Hear the unbelievable story of how she performed in Germany as Evita, again in The Chorus Line and as the Master of Ceremonies in the musical Cabaret – doing each in German having learnt all her lines phonetically.

As a performer, whether in straight theatre or in cabaret, she holds your attention. She will hold it with the same joy in this interview; after all, she is above all else – a performer.