“…Laughing is the most wonderful feeling … hearing people enjoying themselves…it’s the best medicine in the world…”

Elize Cawood is often cast in dramatic roles as the quintessential Afrikaner. Having grown up in Bothaville, the epicentre of a strong farming community, she knows her people. She is an instinctive actress combining a deep sense of empathy and understanding of the human psyche giving her a quality that is breath-taking to watch.

She attended varsity, however she was so impatient to get out there and practice what she intrinsically knew she was good at, that is, portraying what she sees as the essence of human nature, so she went straight on stage and simply gooied.

Whether she is there to make her audience laugh or cry, she does it well. There is never a dry eye in the audience if that is what the script asks of her; never a straight face if humour is wanted. Afterall, there is no better medicine for an actor than to hear their audience laugh. Certainly, this is true for Elize who, with husband Wilson Dunster, has brought laughter to packed houses with plays touring for as long 5 years at a time. Unheard of in today’s generation where Netflix dominates entertainment preferences.

Elize passed away on the 18th July 2020