“…That’s how I look at life – What can I do?…”

Debbie has a mantra: What can I do? Where can I help? Who needs help?
It has held her in good stead, got her places; she has seen the world.
It helps if you know from an early age what you want to do. She knew she wanted to be in theatre, but theatre is multi-facetted. What theatre? Where in theatre?

She found her niche by always being there, persistently, hungrily, patiently watching, asking, learning, helping, being dependable… until the roles slowly reversed, and it became, “Ask Debbie, she’ll know.”

And when you have learnt it all, start giving back, mentoring. It’s a bit of a life’s lesson and Debbie does it instinctively. She even wrote the book for students and gave it out freely.
She has worked for many of the top theatre managers in South African, Brian Brooke, Pieter Toerien, Richard Loring… learnt from the best.

What she does is phenomenal. Picture a cast of 30 dancers/singers/actors and a bus load of theatre technicians that must be logistically moved around the world and accounted for every hour of every day. Not easy. It takes a particular talent. Debbie has that talent, and she exercises it with care and kindness.
If you are moving, managing, scheduling, booking people, get Debbie!