“…people want to see live theatre…there’s nothing quite like live theatre…”

Christine la Brocq is of the generation when it was still frowned upon for girls in Britain to become actresses. At her father’s insistence therefore, she went to secretarial college. Theatre however kept stalking her until she found and was accepted into the suitably reputable Webber Douglas School of Dramatic Art.
This led her into the giddy world of the theatre she had so longed for. And it didn’t stop in London. The call to adventure drew her to Africa and the famous Donavan Maule Theatre in Nairobi where the racy years of the Happy Valley set were still in the air. Finally, she settled in South Africa.

She arrived in Johannesburg where there were a dozen and more theatres, all vibrant and active, where plays had runs of a year and more. When Pieter Toerien was importing plays with their West End leads – all famous names, and Christine became a regular name in the programmes of many of his comedies and farces.
Now in her 80s, Christine has a head full of memories and carries herself with stylish dignity.