There can be no better affirmation for a teacher than to see their pupils flourish and succeed. Chris Weare has a bounty of successful students and with that comes the certainty and confirmation that his teaching methods work. He has the distinction of being a ‘distinguished teacher’. He has earned such a title by garnering every acting method that has been debated, argued, written about and philosophized. And then some, he has added his own. What it must be to be the springboard; to be the archer sending those arrows into the world! And he does it with a joyousness that rises from the very heart and depth of his being.  His enthusiasm for his subject is infectious. You wish he could be photocopied and handed to every teacher of drama in the country.

While teaching has clearly been his calling, he has in addition created spaces and platforms for actors to grow within and perform upon. The Intimate Theatre was one of these, a space he created on campus for students to hone their skills; another was the Mechanicals Collective, which allowed actors to experience the demands and variety of repertory, something his father had done back in the old days in Rhodesia.

Chris takes joy in his subject and if you are to be a student of drama, this interview is a tantalizing appetizer.

“…to know that people (former students) are in the workplace , where they are thriving… enjoying… that’s what’s really exciting…”



Listen to the interview in audio format

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