“…be brave…accept the fact that you have a terminal illness if you want to go into theatre…”

When presented with the statement that he has acted in over 40 stage productions … at least 6 made-for-TV films … 21 TV series … and at least 50 feature films, Anthony Fridjhon is puzzled, frowns, gives a searching look and says: Are you sure, do your count again, there are many more than that! He’s right, there are…

Anthony Fridjhon is not famous, he doesn’t look for fame or limelight, he looks for work, he looks for an opportunity to interpret, to master and give character to a new play. What drives him is the joy of acting, the satisfaction of being on stage, touching his audience with words, of mastering, and taking on another persona, with all those human frailties, insecurities, or heated polemic that a playwright has invented.

Work for an actor is erratic, but like all actors Anthony is fated by the need to perform. It is buried in an actor’s DNA. It is what drives us, their audience, into theatres where, for a brief moment, we can be carried along by, and applaud that intangible talent.