“…be the one that’s different…be the one whose shoes they can’t fill, by serving your talent…”

Amanda has a story to tell that is worth hearing. It is a story of life and all its obstacles – the stumbles, the falls and the struggles back up. A story of victory. Every fall has its own lesson, all of which she weaves into song, her verse – the poetry of her soul, if you will.

She has lived through an era, witnessed the evolution of Afrikaans music from rough songs around the braai to the lyrical, the yearnings of the heart. She has grown with this evolution, contributed to it and helped shape it. She has seen it come of age.

Along this journey she has learnt about hope, gratitude, forgiveness, and humility. Human qualities we all struggle with. She has gathered around her friends who she acknowledges helped her with music composition – among these Rosa Keet, Coenie de Villiers, Didi Kriel, Lise Beekman….

She tells of friends, people who have touched her heart, stories like that incredibly funny romp with David Kramer, to the man who visited her in hospital, Madiba and how with his magnanimous generosity, welcomed her into his fold.

Amanda shows us the meaning of Ubuntu, it is of her essence, and today she shares it in her writing and her one-women performances. Hear her.