“…talent, you’re born with it…it’s a God-given thing. You just have to work on it…”

Chic, elegant and utterly charming, Abigail Kubeka swoops you up with her warmth, her glamour and worldly sophistication.

She has no anger, no regrets; she saw the system for what it was, (the Apartheid system that is) and played it to her benefit. There were curfews aimed specifically at the black population, imprisonment if you were caught without your dompas, raids, harassment, and an all-pervasive fear which was a bleak fact of life in the dingy un-serviced Soweto of her youth. She is free spirited enough to even laugh at the belligerence of the old all-white police force. By contrast Abigail was a member of the group calling themselves the Skylarks; she had friends like Miriam Makeba, they sang in shebeens, in clubs and they survived.

Abigail is a performer, it is what she loves, whether on stage, in musicals or in television soaps. She has a wonderful story to tell starting back then in the unforgettable days of King Kong which took her to London as a young wide-eyed innocent girl.